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A Brighter Future for All

Everyone deserves to belong, be safe and live a life of their choosing.

A message from our CEO and Board Chair

In 2021-22, our organizational value of adaptability once again proved to be an important one. The landscape and the people of Halifax are changing. The impacts of COVID-19 continue to be most difficult for vulnerable residents. The population is growing, becoming even more diverse. And even as new housing is built and neighbourhoods change, new and different needs are emerging for those living in poverty.

We’re fortunate that other changes have been very positive. In the last year, we’ve welcomed new partners, donors and collaborators, all of whom are helping us bridge widening gaps and build capacity for a stronger community.

Setting sights on the future

Much of 2021 was spent building and reflecting on a new strategic plan for our organization that will carry us through to our 100th anniversary in 2025. Staff were very involved in identifying priorities and crafting our organizational vision. We’ve also further defined equity, which has officially become one of our values.

It was very important to ensure community consultation was part of our process as well. We drew on the rich learnings from Building Poverty Solutions, held conversations with key stakeholders, and solicited constructive feedback. This was incorporated alongside staff and board input, and resulted in a plan rooted in community.

Our new strategic plan, Bridge the Gap by 2025, is built on a foundation of organizational excellence. It prioritizes our values and maintains our roles of funder, convener, partner and advocate. We’ve identified ways to initiate and innovate, invest and improve, inspire and influence and involve and intervene. We welcome you to read through a summary to learn more.

Award winning workplace culture

A highlight of 2021-22 year was being selected as a Canadian Nonprofit Employer of Choice by Hilborn Charity eNews and CCEOC Inc. The award reflects our deliberate efforts to be a great place to work. It also reflects staff’s contribution to the workplace culture. Every day. our staff show up with care and compassion for their colleagues, donors, volunteers and importantly, community.

We’re energized and excited to keep working on life-changing solutions for people experiencing poverty and marginalization in Halifax. We’re so glad to have you on board and hope you will continue to help us achieve brighter futures for everyone.

Sara Napier, President & CEO, United Way Halifax
Kenny Hilaire, Board Chair, United Way Halifax

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2021-22 Highlights

In Case You Missed It

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