About Us

United Way Halifax connects people to issues they care about. Together, we improve local lives and create lasting social change.

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Everyone deserves to belong, have a home, and live a good life.

United Way Halifax works to make HRM a place where everyone has this opportunity. We are a charitable organization that is funded by donors. Each year, thousands of individuals and organizations make our local impact possible.

Our impact looks like:

We have a long history of local leadership.

Our story begins almost 100 years ago. The day after the 1917 Halifax Explosion, government leaders, business owners and ordinary citizens came together to raise money and help their neighbours. They provided food, emergency housing, and medical care to thousands of the injured and homeless.

This relief effort was far from perfect, like many aspects of our city’s colonial history. It did not benefit every resident equally. And yet, it created a legacy of compassion that still exists today.

Giving to charity became a new normal for many residents, and a local fund was created. Called the community chest, its purpose was to pool donations from many donors, and then invest them in meaningful ways. In 1925, United Way Halifax was born. We started managing the community chest, and today it’s known as the United Way Community Fund.

We focus on what our community needs most.

Our local knowledge informs everything we do. It means donors can trust us to invest their money where it will make a big difference to those in need — before, during and after a crisis.

We encourage you to learn more about what we do and how to donate or get involved in our work.

Our Team

We take pride in bringing people together who have a range of experiences, talents, and backgrounds. Our staff and volunteers share a passion for the place we call home, and bring many different skills and strengths to the work we do. This vision keeps us moving forward: Halifax. United by compassion. Rich in opportunity. Free of poverty.

  • Staff

    Meet the dreamers and doers working hard every day to make our community stronger.

  • Board of Directors

    Meet the community leaders whose dedication, compassion, and guidance make our work possible.


What if…your job was improving people’s lives every day?

That’s what it’s like to work at United Way Halifax. Here, you spend your days learning about and addressing issues you care about — like the inclusion, well-being and safety of others. Our employees are a diverse and committed team. They are dedicated to making our local community stronger, and these values guide the decisions they make every day: trust, respect, compassion, adaptability, and collaboration.

We are a caring and supportive workplace. Our employees receive various opportunities for professional development, and personal growth is always encouraged. Our on-staff Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator helps make sure we are always learning, and improving.

Take a look at our career opportunities below, and please get in touch if you’re interested in joining us or have another opportunity in mind! We encourage applications from candidates of all backgrounds, including those in need of accommodations.


Have a question about United Way Halifax? Check our list of frequently asked questions.

Reports & Financials

Check out our latest annual report, audited financial statements and endowment fund annual report below. Or click here for reports and financials from previous years.