About Us

United Way Halifax is a local impact organization that alleviates and reduces local poverty. We are trusted by donors, communities, organizations, and governments for our ability to achieve lasting change.

Staff members Sara and Karen in a kitchen holding a wooden heart

Our strategy for impact is to bridge gaps and build capacity for people in HRM who are experiencing poverty and marginalization.

Our knowledge about community gaps and needs informs what we do. Our core values of respect, trust, collaboration, compassion, equity, and adaptability guide how we do it. And donations from individuals, families and organizations makes our progress and impact possible.  

How we help: 

Equity, diversity, and inclusion are woven through our organization.

We understand the value of diversifying our team’s perspective. We are continuously learning, improving, and evolving. Our team participates in cultural humility training and education every year.  

Applying the principles of reconciliation, we offer our networks, our voices, and our resources. We build trust with racialized and marginalized communities so we can better support, respect, and understand. 

Our current equity commitments include:   

  • Leading projects and partnerships that result in long-term solutions for affordable housing 
  • Launching a training institute to help local advocates change public policy 
  • Increasing the total funding we provide to racialized communities and organizations in HRM 
  • Involving first-voice community members in our work and amplifying their voices 
  • Nurturing a network of hubs that provide equitable supports and services to local neighbourhoods 

We don’t achieve anything alone.

We bring donors, volunteers, community organizations, businesses, and governments together. We do this every day, in every way we can. Everyone has a role to play in creating an inclusive, bright future for our community.

Our Core Values

We foster a culture of kindness, inclusiveness, and safety. We value everyone’s contributions, take time to understand and incorporate diverse perspectives, and treat one another with dignity.

We build relationships by acting with integrity, honesty, and transparency. We are dedicated to the highest standard of ethical conduct and professional accountability.

We care deeply and believe everyone deserves to belong, be safe, and live a life of their choosing. We listen to understand the needs of our communities and act in response.

We are open to new ideas. We respond and adapt as we discover and learn how to best address the needs of our community and achieve our mission.

We are stronger together. We embrace the diversity of collective knowledge and resources to create meaningful impact.

We recognize the absence of equity causes harm. We meet people where they are and work to ensure equitable distribution of resources and access to opportunity.

Our Team

Our staff and Board are proud to be part of United Way Halifax. We are a cohesive and curious team. Together, we lead by example. We put people first, stay focused on impact, live our values, make thoughtful decisions, and always look for solutions. We inspire possibility inside and outside our organization.

  • Staff

    Our employees are a diverse and committed team, united in our efforts to achieve lasting change.

  • Board of Directors

    Meet the community leaders whose dedication, compassion, and guidance make our work possible.


What if your job was impacting people’s lives every day?

That’s what it’s like to work at United Way Halifax. Here, you spend your days learning about and addressing issues you care about – like the belonging, dignity, and safety of people in your community. Our employees are a diverse and committed team, dedicated to making our community stronger. Their decisions are guided by our shared values of respect, trust, compassion, adaptability, collaboration, and equity.  

We are a supportive and flexible workplace, filled with opportunity, care, and laughter. Everyone who works here agrees their job provides them with a sense of meaning and purpose. Our employees receive opportunities for learning, and personal and professional growth is encouraged. We are continuously improving and evolving.  

Take a look at our career opportunities below, and please get in touch if you’re interested in joining us or have another opportunity in mind! We encourage applications from candidates of all backgrounds, including those in need of accommodations.


Have a question about United Way Halifax? Check our list of frequently asked questions.

Reports & Financials

Check out our latest annual report, audited financial statements, endowment fund annual report, and our first-ever equity, diversity, and inclusion report below. Click here for reports and financials from previous years.