Our Equity Journey

United Way Halifax values the rich diversity of all community members. Over the past number of years, we have been working towards building inclusive environments where everyone’s voices and experiences are honoured and respected. We are adapting our practices to become more equitable. We are also using our relationships and influence to encourage others to consider equity in their own work.

What is equity?

Equity, unlike the notion of equality, is not about sameness of treatment. Equity denotes fairness and justice in process and in results. Equitable outcomes often require differential treatment and resource redistribution so as to achieve a level playing field among all individuals and communities. – McGill University

Learning about equity and how it impacts the systems we’re forced to work within, is a journey. This journey is never ending, and we recognize there’s always more that can be done. We started reporting on this journey last year, with our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Report. Below you’ll find the latest examples of what we’ve undertaken, both internally and externally, to further equity in our community. Instead of a one-time report, we’ll aim to keep this page regularly updated.

Our goal is to build a community where everyone can belong, feels safe, and lives a life of their choosing.

  • Community Voices

    Our board starts each meeting hearing from those who work directly with people experiencing poverty. It helps inform their decision making for the organization.

  • Pronouns

    We include staff members' pronouns in our email signatures and on our staff page. This helps others understand how people should be addressed and encourages a more inclusive environment

  • 85%

    Of staff agree our work environment is sensitive to issues of diversity and inclusion that include them.

  • 25%

    Of our board members identify themselves as a person of colour.

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