How We Help

We believe everyone deserves to belong, be safe and live a life of their choosing.

Our goal is to bridge gaps for people who are experiencing poverty and marginalization, and we work with donors, volunteers, and partners to achieve it. Together, we impact lives, provide funding, create solutions, and advocate for change.  

Our knowledge about community gaps and needs informs everything we do. We listen and learn from volunteers, researchers, community partners, advocates, and individuals with lived experience.  

Since 2017 our work has been rooted in the findings of a community report called Building Poverty Solutions. It provides a complete picture of poverty in HRM and is still very relevant today.

Keep reading to learn more about how we help: 

  • Impact lives

    Real stories, real change, real lives. Your donation is helping to ensure there are brighter days ahead – for everyone.

  • Provide funding

    Learn how your gift is invested to make the biggest possible impact.

  • Create solutions

    Learn how we lead, innovate and bring partners together.

  • Advocate for change

    Learn how we’re speaking up about changes our community needs.