Provide Funding

There’s no one way to tackle our community’s diverse challenges. That’s why your donation powers a whole network of community supports, invested for maximum impact across HRM.

staff and participants of a UW funded program out for a neighbourhood walk

The challenges facing HRM’s vulnerable residents are complex and interconnectedand so are the solutions.

We provide funding to a wide range of programs and services, managing investments in each and connecting the dots between them. This helps ensure that every dollar donated fills gaps in care and possibility, making the greatest impact.

Donors trust our decades of experience and community knowledge to ensure we use their gifts wisely. Companies depend on us to align their social-responsibility efforts with pressing community concerns. And governments collaborate and invest with us because they know we’re fast, flexible, and in touch with local needs.

Below you’ll find descriptions of the funds we currently manage, as well as a list of the charity recipients for each.