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Dylan Young, Youth Ambassador at LOVE Nova Scotia, sitting on stage at Songs of the City 2023 while Aquakultre performs.

Meet Dylan

Dylan grew up in Downtown Dartmouth. He felt that he wasn’t surrounded by the security of a safe community, and he didn’t feel like he had a network of support. It often seemed like the only way to stay safe and find acceptance was through conflict. Luckily, he found LOVE NS. LOVE NS helps youth develop emotional intelligence and essential life skills through their programming. It enables them to develop healthy relationships and overcome the challenges they face without violence.


We’re all a big family at LOVE, and I’ll never forget the support they’ve given me.

Joanne, a program participant at the Elizabeth Fry Society of Mainland Nova Scotia, posing for a portrait photo in front of some green trees on a sunny day.

Meet Joanne

She’s a caring person and loving mother who set the gold standard for rehabilitation with support from The Elizabeth Fry Society – but is now serving a two-year prison sentence. Joanne experienced a roller-coaster of ups and downs throughout her life that led her here. She lost her first son to Trisomy 18 as a newborn. She was diagnosed with Leukemia. Then, she lost almost all of her extended family due to unexpected deaths and complications with relationships. Her emotions became too hard to handle. The pain led her down a dark path of depression, grievance and alcoholism. She ended up being incarcerated, but with support from the Elizabeth Fry Society’s Abundance Program, Joanne made incredible changes.


E-Fry is my family. They’re my supporters. They gave me a second chance.

Alec, a participant at The Club Inclusion, posing for a photo outside of their building. He's wearing a red striped polo shirt with a sweater half-zipped overtop and he's smiling.

Meet Alec

Alec experienced significant change in his life over the past year after losing his father, moving and adopting new routines. He adapted well, but his sister and caregiver Sherri attributes much of his newfound confidence and independence to The Club Inclusion. The Club provides social, cultural and recreational programs to people of all ages with disabilities – and according to Sherri, Alec has flourished since joining. He’s not only willing to do activities with his newfound peers, he’s excited about them. 


Alec only wants to be at the Club without us. He’ll say: It’s my time with my friends; you go to a coffee shop and come get me later. That is a major difference.” 


The Impact you Create

The impact you create with your donation has a ripple effect throughout the community. For each person whose life you change directly, your impact is felt by their children, their family, and their neighbourhood.


  • 17,059

    people directly supported

  • 655

    people transitioned to a stable housing situation or received housing support

  • 3,526

    people received mental health supports or new social connections

  • 10,003

    people received nutritious, culturally appropriate food

  • 380

    people increased their quality of life through employment or essential life skills

* Numbers are based on 33 out of 35 2022/23 funded program reports received at time of publication. We also acknowledge that individuals may access programs at multiple organizations so the total number of people supported may not represent unique individuals.