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United Way Halifax can help match your corporate social responsibility goals with our community’s greatest needs.

United Way staff and donors stand next to a board celebrating a $600,000 donation

You care about giving back, and we want to help make that giving as easy and impactful as possible. 

As your charitable advisor, our team can help connect the dots between your corporate social responsibility goals and our community’s needs.

Halifax’s business community is a vital part of our work, and we’ve been told the feeling is mutual! We’ve been teaming up for decades. Together, we improve lives, and help employees become active and involved community leaders.

When you partner with United Way, the difference you make is felt locally. 

Ways to partner

Our corporate partners represent businesses of all sizes and sectors. As a result, the way they work with us varies. Options include: making a corporate gift, involving your team in an employee giving campaign, participating in special events, or collaborating with us to develop new programs.

Keep reading to discover the possibilities!

Community Fund Gift

When your company invests in the United Way Halifax Community Fund, your impact goes far beyond one issue or neighbourhood. Our knowledge about local issues means that you can trust us to invest your donation where it will make the biggest difference. 

Your donation will help support essential programs and meet urgent needs in our community. It will close the gap between what some have and what others need, and will create opportunities for people in HRM to live a better life.

Many of the programs we fund wouldn’t exist without the generosity of Halifax’s business community. The most marginalized people in our city would soon feel the effects, and United Way’s ability to alleviate poverty would be limited. 

There are many ways your business can become a Community Fund supporter. 

  • Corporate donation (with or without an employee giving campaign)
  • Corporate donation via a matching of employee donations
  • Percentage of sales
  • Round-up of customer transactions
  • Challenge or incentive (ex: $5 for every tweet promoting your message)

Targeted Gift

Every business’ corporate social responsibility strategy is unique. When you make a targeted gift, our team becomes your charitable advisor. We strive to understand your values and priorities, and match them with needs that exist in our community and the solutions that will make a difference.   

Making this kind of transformational gift is an opportunity to direct your local love, leadership and investment toward one issue or solution you care about most. Typically, this is a funding commitment lasting three years or more.

Targeted Gift Spotlight:
BMO and Medavie Co-Create the Neighbourhood Kitchen Fund

BMO came to us with a desire to create something good together. In response, we combined United Way Halifax’s expertise in poverty solutions, and BMO’s willingness to address an existing need, to create the Neighbourhood Kitchen Fund. The fund will be used to renovate and expand kitchens in neighbourhood hubs and resource centres, where healthy food is used as a tool for building community and wellbeing.

BMO provided a founding investment of $300,000, and encouraged us to attract more investors. That’s when Medavie came on board with another $300,000. The purpose of the fund matches up with their corporate social responsibility goal to improve health outcomes in our region.

The generosity of BMO and Medavie means the Neighbourhood Kitchen Fund will be improving lives for years to come.

At BMO our purpose is to boldly grow the good in business and in life, and that’s exactly what we hope our founding investment of $300,000 will do. 

Justin Scully, regional president of business banking for BMO, Atlantic region

Employee Giving Campaign

Every year, hundreds of workplaces of all kinds host campaigns with United Way Halifax. Campaigns are employee engagement opportunities that will: 

  • Boost employee morale, pride, and loyalty
  • Create fun, innovative, team-building opportunities
  • Foster a culture of supporting others and changing lives
  • Help employees give back to their community

Workplace campaigns aren’t just for large employers, either. An employee giving campaign can be adapted to different types and sizes of organizations, and to unique circumstances. For example: seasonal businesses, unionized employee groups, or work-from-home situations.

These are just some of the details we can customize so that your campaign makes sense for your organization. Our team is ready to help build something that works for you.

Ad promoting blue face coverings

Creative Corporate Social Responsibility: Cause Marketing

Promoting your business while making a positive difference in the community is a win-win. Whatever service or product you provide as a company, these types of partnerships allow you to offer your customers a creative way to support your business and United Way at the same time.

Cause Marketing Spotlight:
HFX Wanderers

Our city’s professional soccer team, the HFX Wanderers, paired up with United Way Halifax to produce and sell Wanderers-branded face coverings, with all proceeds going to United Way Halifax’s COVID-19 relief efforts. Face coverings are still available at the ​Wanderers online store.

Get in touch and we can get started right away! 

Nicole Cameron
Director, Development & Engagement
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