Giving The Gift Of Brighter Futures

Your donation could open doors for someone closer than you might think.

Every year, workplace donors step up to the plate for their community by giving to United Way Halifax’s community fund. The generosity and support from workplaces helps us fund 35 life-changing programs across HRM.  Part of our role is demonstrating the incredible impact of these kind gifts. Through impact storytelling, we hope you can get a glimpse into the lives that you help change.

Every now and then, we hear from donors who have been personally impacted by one of our funded partners. This is always a special experience for us, and we’re honoured to hear their stories.

This was the case for Michael Jachimowicz. Last December, United Way presented at a PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) quarterly workplace campaign event. We shared a story highlighting the impact that their donations had on a person who was accessing supports from one of our funded agencies, Veith House. Michael, who has worked with PwC for five years and is now an Audit & Assurance Manager, was pleasantly surprised to learn that he was donating to Veith House through his campaign.

Veith House – an essential part of north-end Halifax

Veith House is a neighbourhood hub that has been operating since 1970. Their work over the past 50+ years has helped foster a more healthy, vibrant community. The organization empowers community members to achieve greater wellbeing and better mental health.

They have a wide variety of youth programming and family supports. Their urban farm provides volunteer opportunities and fresh food for locals, and they offer spaces that can be rented affordably, like their community kitchen.

Veith House accesses funding from numerous sources, including United Way Halifax. Our dependable multi-year funding, made possible by generous donors, contributes to their ability to offer a variety of services. That includes the programming that Michael participated in when he was 9 years old.

A United Way Donor standing in formal business attire smiling and standing in front of the front door of Veith House. The Veith House sign is out of focus behind him.

A welcoming, safe space

Michael recalls his time spent at Veith House and emphasizes the need for spaces of this nature. “I was there for about a year and a half doing bi-weekly visits. They had games, books, toys, a care worker and everything you need to make a kid feel comfortable and safe.” He feels that Veith House offers the perfect environment for families to grow. “This place needs to exist, and there’s no better place for it.”

Neighbourhood hubs like Veith House improve the social determinants of health for young people by providing resources like counselling, inclusive spaces, healthy food programs and supervised parenting. When children and their parents are able to successfully build strong relationships using those resources, that improved bond can create positive outcomes for the rest of their lives. Donations to United Way’s community fund help keep the doors open, generating even more positive outcomes and brighter futures.

Michael says since sharing the impact that Veith House had on him with his co-workers, they’re more inspired than ever to keep giving.

“Rather than just donating to participate in work culture or get a tax receipt, they get to give money to a resource that was used by a person sitting right next to them.”

Close to home

It’s rare to see this full-circle, and Michael humbly notes that it’s not often that you get to meet the people who benefit from your donation. He reminds others that your gift could help somebody closer to you than you might think.

“When I look at where I am now and where I was, I’m still in the same world. Just because you’re a part of a professional organization or body, doesn’t mean that you’re different from someone who grew up going through Veith House. You never know, your donation could help bring an associate to your firm down the road.”

We’re so grateful to have workplace champions like Michael, and we hope some day he’ll get to work alongside someone else who was impacted by his donations.

Are you a donor who has been impacted by one of our funded partners? We’d love to hear your story. Please reach out to any member of our Development and Engagement team and let us know!