Annual Report 2022-23

Donor honour roll

Group of people standing by a red United Way sign

Thank you to all of our leadership donors who contributed between $1,200 and $100,000 as a way of showing their commitment to brighter futures for all.

We are grateful for your commitment to and belief in the importance of local philanthropy, and it is truly an honour to recognize and celebrate you.

To quickly find your name in the list, please hit ctrl+F on your keyboard and type in your name. If you would like to update how your name appears in the list, please email Nicole Cameron at


Philanthropist Circle – $25,000+

Thank you to our Philanthropist Circle donors, whose extraordinary gifts advance community good and drive lasting change. This group of supporters may have chosen to target their support to one specific area of impact or a combination of different priority areas. The United Way Community Fund is invested in our community’s immediate areas of greatest need. The Tomorrow Fund is United Way’s endowment fund and provides stable, reliable funding for United Way to carry on supporting community well into the future.

Steve & Mary Griffiths

Craig Meeds

Jessica Metter


Platinum – $10,000 – $24,999

Louis Gagnon

Dorothy & Dan Gibson

Jim Hewitt

John Hunkin & Susan Crocker

Dan Muldoon

Jamie Oyler and Christine Brennan

Judy Steele & Bruce Towler

Nancy Tower

Anonymous (2)

Gold – $5,000 – $9,999

Dan Adams & Elaine Arthur

Christine & Lloyd Aikenhead 

Dr. Mary Ruth Brooks

Greg Chiasson

Michael Drohan 

Daniel Currie Hall

Doug Hall & Sherry Porter 

Brenda & Ken Hardie 

Charles Hartlen

Lee F. Harwood

Estate of Jean Laflamme

Jim & Elaine McGivern 

Sara Napier & Robert Moffat

Douglas A Oxner

Joel Rudolph

Heather Sutherland

Peter R S Terroux

Greg West

Lee H. Winchester 

Anonymous (5)

Silver – $2,500 – $4,999

Jennifer Auld

Greg Bakeeff

Brenda Belliveau

Paul Broad

Chris & Sybil Bryant

Chris Butler 

Marc Champoux

Mike & Sally Christie

Murray Coolican & Mimi Stanfield 

Ben And Alex Davis

Doran T Donovan

Judy Farnell 

Steve Foerster

Melissa Furrow

H. Wayne Garland

Wayne Harvey

Natalie Higgins

Jennifer Hiltz

Joanne Keigan

Ethel Kostman

Jeff LeBlanc

Cameron Little

Rylan & Tara MacDow

Paul Masterson

David Milner

Steven And Jennifer Moore

Kent Murray

Jean-Marc Nicolas

Patrick O’Regan

Stephen & Suzanne O’Regan

Dennis and Peggy Pilkey

John & Glenda Sherwood

Madge & Ward Skinner

Raymond K Whitley

Michele Williams

David & Christine Wilson

Anonymous (12)


Bronze – $1,200 – $2,499

Jane Allen

Bonnie Anderson and Gerry Cameron

David Anderson

Melissa Andrew & Lukas Pearse

Trudy Andrews

Jamie & Penny AuCoin

Jennifer Bain And Simon Docking

Michelle Baker 

Mr. Travis Barlow

Wendy Barnable

Craig Beaton

Dave Bezanson

Lisa Blackburn 

Paul Bonazza

Sean Borden

Bernard P Boudreau

Sarah Bradfield

Margo Buchanan

Don Bureaux

Rhonda Burke 

Debra Burleson 

Nicole Cameron 

Kimberly Campbell

Jen Carew

John Carling 

Paul Casey

Tiffany Chase 

Max Chauvin

Michelle Clare 

Hayley Clarke

Andrew Cloutier

Emma Cochrane

Louise Anne Comeau

Elizabeth Cowley

Louise Anne Comeau

Mike Cummings

Brian Curry

Carrie Cussons

Bryan Darrell

Graham Dean

John Doane

Peter Doig & Karen Crombie

Brent Dreger

Matt Drover 

Cheryl Earle

John & Marilyn Edgecombe 

Patty Faith

Don & Pat Farmer

Debby Farnell Rudolph

Bruce & Michelle Fisher

Peter Freeman

Janice Gareau

Karen M. Gatien 

Elaine Gibson

Jennifer Glennie

Dale A Godsoe

Jack Gorrill 

Debbie Grant 

John Gravel

Ms. Jean P. Gray

Tracey Gray 

J. Stuart & Hilda Grossert

Ms. Susan Guppy

Mary Ellen & Peter Gurnham 

Jill Haigh 

Pete Halliday

Jonathan W Hannam

Kim Hansen 

Deborah & Michael Hanusiak

Glenn & Judy Hardie

David Hebb

Chris & Brenda Heck

Earle Hickey

Kenny Hilaire

Jeff Hill

Horsburgh Family

Christopher Hubley

Donald (Andy) Hunt

Molly Hurd & Lars Osberg

Karen Hutt 

Leah Hutt

Austin Janega

Donald Jay & Lorraine Roode

Michael Juurlink

Daisy Karasek

Michael Kontak

Lilani Kumaranayake 

Rene & Allison Landry

Laura Lee Langley

Lucy & Evan Lanni

Chris Lanteigne

Ambuj Laroiya

Philip LeBlanc

Legatto Family

Marty Leonard

Derek Loppie

Daniel William MacDonald

Lia MacDonald

Larry MacEachern

Aaron and Debbie MacIntyre

Jennifer MacKay

Glen MacLeod 

John Macleod

Melissa Oldreive and Mike MacMillan 

Charlene MacMullin

Adam MacMurtery

Agnes MacNeil

Christina and Stuart MacNeil

Terri MacPhail 

Jeannie McCulloch

John McCulloch

McCullogh Family

Erin McDonah 

Andrea McQuillin

Maria Medioli

Eric Melanson

Don & Liz Mills 

W. Randy Mitchell 

William Morash 

Nancy J Morrison 

Mark & Janet Mosher

Kim Murray

Dolores & Harold Nickerson 

Jerry & Rui Nickerson

Catherine E O’Brien Scarlett

Keith O’Callaghan 

Jamie And Catherine O’Neil

Sean O’Regan 

Stephen Parcell 

Ms. Lori L. Park

Jennifer Parker

Shirley & Steve Parker

Roger Perry 

Nicholas Peters

Sara Phinney

Dave Pickles

Craig Prall & Jennifer Cooke-Prall 

Sanjeev and Nabha Pushkarna

Jodie Ramsay 

Amanda Read-Deveau

Douglas Reid

Carrie Ricker

Mike & Helen Rivers-Bowerman 

Michael Roberts 

Julie Roebotham

Connie Roney & Alex Fettes

Martin Rovers

Pam & Bill Sanford

Brad Saunders 

Diane Saurette 

Denise Schofield 

Justin & Natalie Scully

Estate of O.E. Smith

Mark Smith 

Craig Soontiens

Aaron Spinney

Liz Struijf-Mandishora 

Keith Sutherland

Dr. Alexander Yoh Tan

Candace Thomas

Ian A Thompson

Lee Thomson

Steve Toohey

Stephane Turbide

Julie-Ann Vincent 

Valerie Wadman

Mike Walker

Ann Marie White

Laura Whitman

Anonymous (118) 


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