Thank you to our amazing volunteers!

United Way Halifax would like to thank the over 400+ volunteers that supported our work throughout HRM over the past year.

These volunteers are often staff from organizations contributing to United Way Halifax through their workplace campaigns, or community members with big hearts who want to help us make a difference. Our United Way board members and committee members also spend many hours engaging in discussion about key issues, listening to first voice perspectives and using their own experience to provide strategic leadership to our organization. Without the efforts of these many volunteers, we wouldn’t have been able to have nearly as much of an impact. Here are some of their wonderful acts of generosity:

  • Assembled 300+ ‘Winter Warming Kits’ that were directly distributed to encampments and shelters in HRM to keep people warm during the rough winter season, including the Halifax Forum ran by 902ManUp.
  • Two days of hard work painting at a YWCA Supportive Housing location to provide young mothers with a cleaner and brighter space.
  • Over 100+ volunteers chipped in over four days to help us host CAEH23 in Halifax, presented by the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness.
  • 30+ volunteers worked at a variety of United Way Halifax funded agencies to do yard-clean ups. Many of our funded agencies support childcare, so this included playground cleanups for the kids playing in those spaces!
  • We even had a group create lunch-kits for people experiencing homelessness in HRM. Most of these items were delivered directly to encampments & individuals living rough in Halifax.

DND helping out for Community Build Days

More than 12 community agencies received volunteer support this year, allowing their staff to focus on the great work they’re doing to support individuals and families in their communities. None of this is possible without United Way Halifax volunteers, so thank you all so much for your contributions!