Youth Infusion

The Youth Infusion program is a new initiative that United Way Halifax is creating and piloting, starting in fall 2019. Its purpose is to create opportunities for marginalized youth in HRM to discover, experience, and contribute to the work of United Way Halifax and its impact on the community.

The Youth Infusion program is a direct response to the Building Poverty Solutions report, which outlines the importance of creating opportunities for youth in marginalized communities to learn, work and build skills. Through various types of short-term opportunities, Youth Infusion participants will find themselves contributing to United Way Halifax’s governance, operations, committees partnerships, and community engagement activities.

We will reduce barriers that may otherwise prevent youth from accessing these opportunities, such as such as paying a living wage and helping to make transportation easier. We’ll help youth to build confidence, develop communication skills, and start expanding their network of contacts, which will help them with future employment. We’ll also connect participants to mentors to help build the specific skills in areas they’re interested in.

Participants of Youth Infusion will also have the opportunity to raise their own voice and use their experience and talents to help strengthen the way we work.

We’re currently hiring for a Youth Infusion Data Entry Clerk. Deadline extended to January 8, 2020.

If agencies or individuals are interested and have questions, please contact Lucy Hulford at 902-461-3064.
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