Community Goals

Your donation to United Way stays local and helps change lives in Halifax. With the help of our partners, our goal is to change 50,000 lives in five years – one life at a time. We’ll do this by:

Reducing isolation helping 25,000 people gain a stronger sense of community belonging.
Improving health and food security for 5,000 people.
Enabling 15,000 individuals to gain the education, income and skills they need to be free of poverty.
Reducing homelessness and housing poverty for 5,000 individuals.

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Make a difference in your community.

Working with local partners, your donations fund programs and services that enable people to live their best lives and strengthen communities.

United Way Halifax funds 68 community programs and several partnerships. Our focus is to create vibrant and safe places to live and solving issues of homelessness, social isolation and food insecurity.

Working closely with volunteers, donors, employers, community agencies and government organizations, United Way Halifax is connected to what’s happening on the ground and knows what help is needed.

Your donation to United Way is 100 per cent focused on people in Halifax and creating lasting change in our community.

Together, we are possibility.

Help change lives. Show your local love.
Make your donation today.