Partnerships & Projects

United Way Halifax plays a leading role in two partnerships that work on solutions to poverty that no one organization could do alone. We also invest in several projects that help make our community stronger, healthier and more prosperous.

Housing & Homelessness Partnership (HHP)
Nine partners working together to address affordable housing and homelessness in HRM and focus on projects and solutions that no one partner can do alone. Projects include working to create an extreme weather response plan for those experiencing homelessness and poverty in our communities, and working together to ensure no children experience living in shelters. United Way convenes meetings, facilitates collaboration and decision-making, helps fund projects, and shares information and knowledge between partners.

Healthy Halifax Communities Partnership
12 partners working together to foster well-being and active living among diverse populations in HRM. Focus areas include increasing access to transportation and recreation in rural communities and designing, advocating for and implementing a plan that will help make East Preston a more walkable, accessible and connected community. For more information Catherine Droesbeck at

Community Capacity-Building
The business sector relies on networking and peer-to-peer relationships for stability, learning, improvement and growth and the community sector does, too. United Way creates opportunities such as conferences for community organizations and leaders to maintain a strong network, share resources and ideas to learn from each other, and replicate what’s working to create lasting, positive change.

Advocacy and Voice
United Way works to make people aware of the issues impacting their communities and encourages them to be part of the solution. We do this by hosting events, issuing public responses to important issues, facilitating poverty simulation workshops, listening to people who have lived experience with poverty, involving them in the solutions, and sharing their stories.

Special Initiatives
United Way is always keen to work with others to create meaningful impact. In 2018, in honour of International Women’s Day, United Way partnered with the Nova Scotia Government & General Employees Union (NSGEU) to raise poverty awareness, with a particular focus on period poverty. Together, and thanks to so many generous participants, we collected donations of 51,000 menstrual products that were distributed to women and trans individuals in need. This important project will continue in 2019, and there will be other special projects to come. Let us know if you have an idea!