United Way Halifax is proud to be part of three cross-sectoral partnerships. These partnerships allow us to work with government, for profit and non-profit organizations to get to the root of larger community issues.

Between the Bridges
Between the Bridges is a partnership between the community of Dartmouth North, United Way, the Province of Nova Scotia and residents, community organizations, departments of government and businesses. The goal of Between the Bridges is break the cycle of generational poverty through collective impact.

Housing and Homelessness Partnership
The Housing and Homelessness Partnership is a coalition of nine partners from the three levels of government, private, and non-profit sector. The partnership came together in 2013 and has a mandate to end homelessness and housing poverty in Halifax. United Way Halifax is the secretariat of the Housing and Homelessness Partnership.

Try Do
Try Do is a collaborative, multi-sector group of community, government organizations and academic institutions who are committed to enhancing the health and well-being of Halifax residents. Their vision is for equity in healthy eating and physical activity for diverse populations in Halifax. United Way acts as the backbone organization for Try Do.

For more information on Try Do or to get involved, please contact Catherine Droesbeck at