Neighbourhood Kitchen Fund

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Many of us have the opportunity to experience the joys, benefits and togetherness that good food and welcoming kitchens make possible. And many others do not.

  • 1 in 3 people in Halifax report not feeling a sense of belonging; not feeling part of the neighbourhood or community where they live.
  • 1 in 7 are food insecure and not able to afford or access the nutritious food they need to live well.
  • 1 in 8 are experiencing poverty, which means they likely to put their health and well-being aside in order to keep a roof over their head, feed their children or keep their family safe.

United Way is committed to changing this reality. And with donors like you by our side, we believe it can be done. 

Thanks to your support, we currently provide funding to 10 food-related programs that are changing local lives by improving nutrition, mental health and overall well-being. And more than a dozen agencies within our network rely on their kitchens as a core part of the support, services and safe spaces they offer. 

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It’s time to do more

On December 3, we announced the creation of the United Way Neighbourhood Kitchen Fund. Thanks to a transformational investment of $600,000 made by two of our long-standing partners, BMO and Medavie, this new fund will boldly grow the good in our community over the next five years.

Beginning in 2020, the fund will be used to transform neighbourhood kitchens, where healthy food is used as a tool for building community, well-being and vibrancy. Investments will renovate and expand physical spaces and create opportunities for people living in poverty to build relationships and support networks, enjoy the benefits of good food, build skills, and share heartwarming experiences.

This solution is just one example of what United Way Halifax donors make possible. Donations of every amount are invested in ways that have the most meaningful impact on local poverty as possible. As your local leader in poverty solutions, this is our commitment to you.

How you can help

This season more than any other, we are reminded that good food feels great and that sharing it with people you care about is even better. With a donation to United Way, you can give the gift of this experience to someone who will appreciate it more than you will know.



Thank you to our Neighbourhood Kitchen Fund founding members:

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