Meet Kayvont

Kayvont says the youth program at his local family resource centre gives him a place to hang out with his friends, and consider his future.

Kayvont Johnston doesn’t know what his life would look like without the East Preston Daycare and Family Resource Programs. That’s because the centre has been there for Kayvont and his mom since before he was born.

“The youth program is a safe place where I hang out with my friends, spend time with mentors, and learn about the best path I can take for my future. It’s funny because the program takes place in the same room that my mom took her pre-natal classes.”

The centre has helped Kayvont develop a sense of pride in where he comes from and a love for helping others. Through his involvement in the Youth Program, he has been awarded a scholarship which he hopes to one day use to study architecture so he can design a new centre for his community.

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