Build Community

Connections make communities stronger, lives better and opportunities richer.

United Way staff and volunteers laughing in the kitchen of a United Way event.

What we can accomplish together is so much greater than what any one of us can do alone. 

That’s why we build relationships with people who want to make positive change in our community. It’s one of the most effective ways to tackle complex issues.

We create opportunities for donors, volunteers and changemakers to learn from each other and work together. This collaboration strengthens the ties that bind our community, and helps create long-term solutions to poverty. 

Keep reading to learn about some of the ways we bring people together to build a better HRM.

housing and homelessness partnership logo

Partners focused on affordable housing and homelessness

The Housing and Homelessness Partnership is made up of eight partners who are working to address affordable housing in HRM. Each partner has their own strengths and abilities, so we focus on projects that require us to put our heads together. Recent examples include: a long-term extreme-weather response plan, and a plan to ensure no children in HRM live in shelters.

We also work together to plan and host an annual symposium. This event is a chance for non-profit leaders, frontline staff, researchers, and community members to learn from one another and share ideas. 

United Way Halifax leads the Partnership by convening meetings, sharing knowledge between the partners, and helping fund their work. 

We believe everyone deserves a home. The solutions, projects, and advocacy that the Partnership takes on are helping our community move toward that ideal reality. 

Building a community of practice focused on equity

What is a community of practice? Simply put, it’s how the community around you informs your work. Boat-building, for example, is different in Nova Scotia than in Thailand. The same is true of work that promotes equity, diversity, and inclusion—the local context shapes it.

United Way Halifax hosts regular meetings with our local equity community of practice committee, including non-profit and government partners. We facilitate shared learning and exchange advice, knowledge, resources, and support.

Every One Every Day – Kjipuktuk Halifax

Every One Every Day is collaborative, community-building project led by the Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Centre. Throughout the month of March, North End Halifax residents were invited to participate in various hands-on sessions. From art and building to yoga and sledding, each session saw participants sharing, learning, respecting, and building new relationships across different parts of the neighbourhood.

For more information or to learn how you can participate in the future, visit

Project partners: Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Centre, Participatory Canada, Halifax Partnership, Inspiring Communities, Engage Nova Scotia, Develop Nova Scotia, United Way Halifax, Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia.

Hosting workplace giving campaigns

Some of our most valued connections are those we make with local employers. They make it easy for employees across HRM to learn about, connect with, and help solve local problems. Those collaborations can be fundraising campaigns, corporate donations, special events, and much more! They can be easily tailored to any workplace, from small businesses to multinational corporations.

If you think your employees would like to make a difference locally, please click here to read about ways to partner with us.