Multi-Year Program Funding 2019-2021

United Way Halifax is inviting community agencies located within HRM to apply for Multi-Year Program Funding (1 to 3 years) under a new Funding Framework that has been developed in collaboration with community agencies and partners. Funding for these new or ongoing programs would begin in April 2019.

Our funding process is open to both registered charities and to community agencies that do not have their own charitable status but have a Canada Revenue Agency-approved contract to act as an intermediary in carrying out a registered charity's activities within Canada.

An Expression of Interest (EOI) is the first step for prospective applicants who do not currently receive program funding from United Way Halifax AND for organizations that currently receive funding but who are proposing a new program. Please submit one EOI for each program for which you are requesting funding. 

The deadline for submitting an Expression of Interest is now passed and we are no longer accepting EOIs for 2019.

All applicants who have submitted an Expression of Interest will be contacted in September 2018 to learn if they are being invited to submit a funding application. Full applications will be available in September 2018.

Funding Alignment

United Way Halifax’s vision is, “Halifax. United by compassion. Rich in opportunity. Free of poverty.” While we recognize many in our community are focused on poverty solutions and share our vision of poverty elimination, in this funding process, we are looking for tangible references for how programs are supporting immediate needs and/or helping people move from poverty to possibility. These tangible references may include programs that are addressing related issues of housing and homelessness and strengthening inclusion which are critical components of the scope United Way Halifax is using to address poverty in our community.

2019 Funding Criteria

We recognize and appreciate the importance that United Way funding can have for agency programs. However, in a time of limited resources, we can only focus on programs that align with our vision and meet the following funding criteria:

• Financial Capacity: Your financial capacity to offer this program depends on United Way Halifax funds.
• Fundraising Capacity: Your agency does not have the capacity/ability to raise funds to support the program.
• Vulnerability: The degree to which participants would be negatively affected if this program was not offered.
• Gaps in the System: Your program fills an urgent need by addressing a gap in the system.
• Population Served: Your program serves a marginalized population affected by poverty, housing and homelessness, and/or social exclusion