Poverty Summit Resources

United Way Halifax invited individuals from Halifax to participate in a one-day Poverty Summit to explore a shared plan to help Halifax be free of poverty.

The morning began with speakers addressing the root causes of poverty. Their presentations were meant to deepen our understanding of the issues that arise for our community, and possible solutions when we work together. During the afternoon participants explored the challenges and opportunities to creating a shift, and began to understand our shared responsibility in addressing poverty. Through Deep Democracy, a practical engagement experience, we heard different voices, to find wisdom within the group.

Learnings from the Poverty Summit will help inform our next steps in creating a Poverty Reduction Strategy.

Below are the slideshow presentations, provided by our guest speakers. 

 Dr. John Ross - Social Determinants of Health

 Lars Osberg - Poverty in Nova Scotia - Money Does Matter

For more information on the work of Lars Osberg, please visit his website

  Christine Saulnier - Income Based Solutions to Poverty Alleviation