Living Wage

In 2014, United Way Halifax partnered with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives to do research into the living wage in Halifax.  We wanted to understand the gap between what people earn and what they need to earn for a good quality of life. This is part of our focus on poverty and how it affects people in the community.

The living wage for Halifax is $20.10. This wage would allow a family of four (two parents, both working and two school aged children) to live a good quality of life. It is not a minimum wage. Knowing the living wage figure means we can work with others in our community to see what's possible to close the gap.

Please refer to the report below to read more about what factors impact the living wage in Halifax, and what challenges were greatest for families interviewed.

Working for a Living, Not Living to Work: The Halifax Living Wage
Mary-Dan Johnston & Christine Saulnier

Nova Scotia Living Wage: Making Paid Work Meet Basic Family Needs in Nova Scotia, Calculation Guide
A technical appendix to the report, Working for a Living, NotLiving for Work: Living Wage for Halifax 2015, for those seeking
to calculate the living wage in their own communities.
Prepared by: Mary-Dan Johnston & Christine Saulnier