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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

HRM, United Way Halifax, join to tackle poverty


(HALIFAX, NS) April 25, 2017 — Halifax Regional Council has approved a motion to collaborate with United Way Halifax and other community partners on the development of an anti-poverty strategy for the municipality.

“This is an important day for Halifax,” says Sara Napier, president & CEO of United Way Halifax. “United Way Halifax has been focused on issues of poverty and health for almost a century, but this opportunity to work with Regional Council and engage the entire community to develop progressive poverty solutions for our municipality that focus on root causes is such a big step forward.”

Napier is quick to add that this work won’t begin at zero. “A number of agencies, groups and individuals are already making incredible strides to understand root causes of poverty and work towards solutions in our region – it’s really an honour for us to work with them to bring it all together.”

The collaboration with United Way Halifax was presented to the Regional Council’s Community Planning and Economic Development (CPED) standing committee on February 23 where it received unanimous support and a recommendation to Council.

“We are eager to take this vital step in planning for a better future for all residents of our communities,” said Mayor Mike Savage, who will co-chair the initiative. “As our city’s economy expands we must make every effort to ensure opportunities for more citizens. As Council members, we look forward to making this happen.”

One in eight people in Halifax live in poverty. It is a complex problem and developing sustainable solutions will require the input, ideas and support from a diverse group of community leaders and change-makers. “Community, business, first-voice, youth – everyone has a role to play in getting to solutions,” notes Napier.

To count yourself in, visit the United Way Halifax website.

About United Way Halifax

United Way Halifax is an impact organization that understands community need and opportunity in Halifax and brings people and resources together to address them. We envision our city to be united by compassion, rich in opportunity and free from poverty. Key areas of focus are poverty solutions, affordable housing and homelessness and inclusive communities. In this work we fund a network of community agencies and partner with municipal, provincial, federal, non-profit and private sector organizations.