Why We Give: Gillis

Planned Giving & United Way Halifax

Ensuring Halifax has a strong network of organizations available to support the most vulnerable members in our community is very important to Tim and Sara Gillis. As long-term supporters of United Way Halifax, they not only prioritize how they contribute each year but also how they will contribute as part of their estate plan, too.

“By incorporating charitable giving as a bequest in our will, we know our funds will continue to make a difference to the causes near and dear to our hearts long after we’re gone,” Tim says. “It has also caused us to engage with the organization at a deeper level – gaining a better understanding of United Way Halifax’s vision and long-term goals.”

The focus on local issues, while leveraging decades of learnings and national knowledge, is what sets United Way apart for Tim and Sara. As a former Treasurer and board member, Tim has also seen firsthand how the efforts and energy mobilized are invested directly back into our community. “United Way Halifax provides a way for you to connect and support a local network of organizations and volunteers in a very real way.”

United Way Halifax’s work on poverty solutions is also very important to both Sara and Tim and influenced their decision to remember United Way in their will. Sara notes, “We have an opportunity to create real and lasting change in our community, and we want to be a part of it.”

Tim and Sara Gillis