Why We Give: Griffiths

Why we’re investing in Halifax. 


After living and working in cities across North America, the Griffiths recently returned to Halifax. “We’re happy to be back because it is Mary’s home, Sarah went to university here and it’s as close to a home as I have,” says Steve Griffiths.

Home is more than a just a place where they live. For the Griffiths, it’s where they also want to contribute and give back.

One of the primary ways the Griffiths support community is by donating to United Way. “We’ve always viewed United Way as an organization that understands local needs and allocates funds in smart ways to support valuable programming and to create real community change.”

When the Griffiths returned east, United Way Halifax was just beginning its poverty solutions work. This is an important issue for them. “Being away from Halifax for a few years, we’ve seen how some things have changed and also how some things have not,” Steve adds. “To be a better city for everyone, Halifax has some work to do. We believe ending poverty is critical to building a more equitable and inclusive community and we liked the work United Way Halifax was doing to bring many diverse voices to the table to talk about solutions.”

“It’s our community now. We want to do something to help.”

Knowing new initiatives need new investment, the Griffiths put money behind their passions and created a $100,000 match donation program to support United Way Halifax in its efforts to advance poverty solutions. Creating sustainable change requires long-term focus and commitment and the Griffiths wanted to kick-start that change. They also want others to join them, which is why they’ve partnered with United Way in promoting the match program. “Most people are generous when they become aware of the need in our community. We want to help raise awareness and inspire others to ask ‘what can we do help?’” 

The Griffiths Family Match is available to new donors who give to United Way Halifax’s Community Fund at the leadership level (an annual gift of $1,200 or more) and to existing leader donors who increase their gift by 10% or more and/or switch their gift to fully support the Community Fund. All gifts fitting these criteria will be matched dollar-for-dollar and all matched funds will go directly to support ending poverty in Halifax.

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