Major Gifts

Powering Possibility

Major gift donors are a select group of supporters dedicated to creating positive and lasting change in the places we live and love by donating $10,000 or more on an annual basis.

As a major gift donor, when you give to United Way, you’re investing in the success of our community and, in doing so, inspiring others to do the same.

Your investment is affecting change that goes beyond one issue or community. In fact, you’re part of a city-wide network that includes all levels of government, public companies, private companies, community organizations and grassroots programs. By working together, we can transform our local community.

With United Way, there are three types of action that help make Halifax free from poverty, rich in opportunity and united by compassion. Making a major gift to United Way comes with the opportunity to direct your love, leadership and investment locally, in one or all of these ways.

  • Meet immediate needs -- Help people who are living in poverty cope with the immediate impacts and meet their basic needs.
  • Build pathways to prosperity -- Address root causes of poverty and support people to overcome barriers and brighten their futures.
  • Invest in systemic change -- Work collaboratively on longer-term solutions that will end poverty for all.

If you would like to discuss the ways in which your major gift can create major impact, please contact us.

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