Tampon Tuesday

Ending period poverty in our community through advocacy and menstrual product drives.

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Period poverty is something many people never have to think about. But for some, it’s a monthly struggle.

Hundreds of women, girls, and non-binary and transgender individuals in our community experience period poverty, meaning they don’t have access to the menstrual products they need. As a result, people might miss school, work, or social activities. They might be forced to use toilet paper instead of pads or tampons. Period poverty can take a toll on a person over time, and lead to embarrassment. 

Tampon Tuesday is your opportunity to help remove this barrier.

Many United Ways across Canada – Halifax included – collect menstrual products during the month of March, around International Women’s Day. And United Way takes care of dispersing the donated products to local, community organizations who need them. But you can organize a menstrual product drive any time of the year. It’s the number one requested toiletry item at many of our funded community hubs, which makes for a great employee engagement activity that truly makes a difference.

For a lot of people facing really difficult financial decisions, menstrual products are not a priority. Usually people are more worried about keeping their housing or putting food on the table. – Katie Scrine, Veith House social worker, North End Halifax

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Advocating for access

Since starting Tampon Tuesday locally, our advocacy efforts have inspired others to take action:

  • Several independently-owned pharmacies made menstrual products free to anyone who expressed a need.
  • Halifax Public Libraries began providing free menstrual products in all library washrooms (both gender-specific and gender-neutral).
  • In February 2020, HRM Council voted to provide free menstrual products in all municipal facilities, such as community centres and arenas.

If you are a business owner, please consider providing free menstrual products in your washrooms. 

We’re here to help:

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