Living on the Edge - Poverty Simulation

Living on the Edge is a thought-provoking learning experience about poverty in Halifax. Through an hour-long simulation, participants assume the role of an individual living on a low income in Halifax and must navigate challenges and scenarios they would encounter over the course of a typical month.

Following the simulation, a facilitated discussion invites participants to reflect on what they’ve experienced, examine their own assumptions or misconceptions and share their learnings with others.

Living on the Edge is an opportunity to gain new insight into the emotional and mental toll of living on the edge of poverty, and the realities that nearly 50,000 people in our city face every day.

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What do others say about the experience?

“When I participated, I took on the role of a 16-year-old, pregnant, high school dropout. Anyone can be vulnerable at times – it’s important we take care of people, let them know they’re cared for and supported.”
- J.M. BLAIS, Former Halifax Chief of Police

“If someone invites you to participate in Living on the Edge, say 'yes'. Just do it.”

“After having participated, I reflected upon my own position of privilege and gained a new perspective of the daily lived experiences and challenging realities of many individuals within our community.”
– STEPHANIE ALLEN, Dalhousie University student, participant