Meet Will

Since joining Club Inclusion three years ago, Will has taken part in all kinds of activities he hadn’t enjoyed before.

A water fight broke out at Club Inclusion one afternoon in July. It had all the trademarks of a spontaneous bit of summer fun: sneak attacks with water balloons, uproarious laughter and lots of thoroughly soaked participants. The remarkable thing about this particular water fight, was one of them.

Will is a young man on the Autism spectrum with sensitivities to noise, light, crowds, and spontaneous action. But that day, he was right in the middle of the action. According to his mother, “You can’t know how uncharacteristic it is for Will to do something like that and have so much fun doing it! This is a guy who doesn’t take to unstructured things too well … for him to share that with other people is just something”, she said.

Club Inclusion brings people with complex disabilities together with programs, connections, and new opportunities. It offers a number of programs funded by United Way. Since joining Club three years ago, Will has taken part in all kinds of activities he hadn’t enjoyed before. “Will has been a lot more willing to explore different things that are going on in his environment and his community. He knows that he is accepted at Club and that is the biggest prize of all.” Today, Will enjoys taking part in all kinds social and group activities from field trips to local museums and the Halifax waterfront, to Drama Club, music therapy and art classes.

“The staff at Club have really, really big hearts. They learn about each of their members and know their profiles and do all kinds of things to help each of them fit in and get accustomed to the activities – the members find a sense of belonging, respect and friendship there.” After his first visit, Will wanted to keep going back to Club, “He loves going into an environment where there a lot of different kids and young adults with a wide range of abilities and backgrounds and he just knows he fits in.”

Will’s mother feels very strongly that their whole family has benefitted from the wonderful experiences he has had at Club. “Our best days as a family, are when he is happy and laughing like he did the day they had that water fight. Our son just shines in this climate of good pals, engaging activity and total acceptance.”

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