Meet Melissa

Trapped in a bad relationship and a newborn at home, Melissa was feeling increasingly isolated.

Melissa needed to make a positive change in her life but she didn’t know where to turn for help. Her sister recommended she check out the United Way funded programs at the Dartmouth Family Centre.

She started out taking Baby and Me and Baby Bookworm classes with her daughter. And as she got comfortable, she met more people and took more classes.

“They made it easy for me to open up and talk about what was going on in my life”, Melissa said. The support they offered gave her the confidence to keep going. “It was really good to have support, to know I wasn’t alone.”

And keep going she did. After participating in an employability skills training program that helped her upgrade her life skills, Melissa began volunteering at the centre. When a job opened up, Melissa was a perfect fit. She enjoys using her new skills to work with children and families, giving them the help and support she has benefitted from herself.

“It makes you feel good about yourself knowing that you’ve helped other people with something in their lives.”

This fall, Melissa’s journey continued as she began part-time study toward a degree at MSVU in their Child and Youth Study program, while continuing her work at the Dartmouth Family Centre.

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I’m really happy to be finally going to university. I’m finally starting to feel proud of myself.

Together, we are possibility.

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