Meet Brad

In the time Brad has lived in Halifax, his life has undergone a lot of significant change.

Brad moved to Halifax with his partner, but things got bad for him when that relationship ended. “I went through a really hard time and my anxiety and depression kicked in. I ended up staying at a shelter.”

A chance meeting at The Coffee Shop, where Metro Non-Profit Housing Association has a Housing Support Centre changed Brad’s life. They connected him with the help he needed for dental and mental health issues he was experiencing.

The United Way funded Housing Support Centre also got Brad on a waiting list for an apartment that was being built in the same neighbourhood. “They helped me get my wonderful apartment – a peaceful and safe place to come home to. It’s a forever home, not just a place to stay.”

These days, Brad sits on the Board of his building helping other tenants when he can. He is full of praise for the people and programs that gave him a hand when he needed it.

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They have given me the strength to actually grow out of the programs. I’m bursting at the seams.

Together, we are possibility.

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