Meet Kirby

The support Kirby received from iMOVe and United Way Halifax extends well beyond his interest in music, it’s helped connect him to his future goals.

iMOVe (In My Own Voice) is a community-based production studio that engages youth in expressing themselves through music, arts and technology. As a community resource, iMOVe is also a grassroots community development hub – providing space and support to youth, community groups and non-profits who wish to have a positive impact in their neighborhood.

kirby band

Kirby’s first connection to iMOVe was creating music with friends. But the support he received from iMOVe extends well beyond his interest in music, it has helped connect him to his future goals.

With iMOVe, Kirby was able to access all the resources he needed right in his own neighbourhood. Getting support from people who understood where he was coming from and what he wanted to achieve. The team at iMOVe helped him explore his education and career options, complete his university application and find and access financial resources. They’ll also be there to support and mentor him while he is in school.

Kirby is excited about music and what the future will bring.

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My goal is to promote local artists. There’s a lot of talent and voices that need to be heard.

Together, we are possibility.

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