Meet Josh

Originally Josh joined LOVE (Leave Out Violence) to see how it could help him use his interests and skills to become a community leader.

Josh started his journey with the Media Arts Program offered by LOVE (Leave Out Violence) – an organization that’s using innovative arts and self-expression based techniques to assist violence-affected youth in transforming their life experiences into peace-making work.

It wasn’t long before he got invited to take part in the Leadership Program. Josh’s goal was to learn everything he could about community activism and advocacy and take it back to young people in his neighbourhood, to help them become positive and productive members of their community. According to Josh, the others he met at LOVE had similar goals.

Josh would like to see programs like LOVE work with even younger kids in this community. “I got involved when I was 18. I think it could benefit more people to get involved earlier, help them open their minds to think differently when they’re young.” As he heads to university in the fall, Josh will also be working at the YMCA in his neighbourhood and continuing to work with LOVE to help make his community a better place for everyone in it.

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Even though we were all so different ... we still had the same issues as youth dealing with violence.

Together, we are possibility.

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