Meet Amanda

Amanda didn’t know much about parenting at the time or the goals she wanted for her future, but she knew she needed a better place to live.

As a participant in the Supportive Housing for Young Mothers (SHYM) program, Amanda was able to start her new life in a safe and secure home funded by United Way. With SHYM’s support, Amanda was also able to develop parenting skills, share and learn with other young mothers and gain the confidence she needed to create her plan for the future. Today, Amanda is a college graduate and working mom. Her son is in elementary school and her daughter in daycare.

amanda band

As a working parent, Amanda’s days are now filled with the busy routine of life and work. But for Amanda there is reward with the routine. “I have two wonderful children who keep me motivated every day.”

Amanda is grateful she was able to receive the support from United Way when she needed it. “I’ll always be grateful to everyone who has helped me to become the determined, motivated woman I am today.”

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I didn’t know much about parenting at the time and even less about the goals I wanted for my future.

Together, we are possibility.

Supportive Housing for Young Mothers (SHYM) United Way Halifax