Employers Giving Back

2016 Campaign Associates 2016 Campaign Associates

Show your employees and clients that your organization is committed to building a strong community bysupporting employee giving and volunteering. There are various ways you can show your commitment to the community: 

- Give directly to United Way.

- Match employee donations to encourage more employees to give by matching some or all of their giving.

- Provide your employees with a Day of Caring® opportunity.

- Contact us about sponsorship opportunities, including Living on the Edge or Celebration Breakfast.

- Contact us to discuss your organization's social responsibility goals, and how we can help you achieve them. 

- Engage with us on Facebook or Twitter and help us change the conversation around poverty in our community.

- Sponsor an employee to become a Campaign Associate.  Your employee will work with United Way for 15 weeks during the annual campaign. While at Untied Way, they remain a member of your staff and receive salary, benefits and expenses from your organization. For more information, please read our Sponsored Employee description.