Celebrating more than $1 million in new investments

Nova Scotians are known for kindness and generosity. There is a spirit here of taking care of one another in life’s difficult circumstances. We’ve experienced it first-hand over the past several months.

Funding Process

In October 2021, we embarked on a funding process for multi-year programs addressing poverty, housing and homelessness and inclusion in HRM. The process started with an open call for Expressions of Interest. It led to us receiving 58 applications for program funding from local charitable organizations. Volunteer funding panel members poured over the applications, annual reports and financial statements. They went on site visits, asked lots of questions, and were inspired by the work that’s happening in community. They used their experience and expertise to recommend programs for funding. We’re so thankful for how generous they were with their time and talent.

Today, we’re proud to share that we’re investing more than $1 million in new, three-year contracts, for 28 organizations running 30 programs right here in Halifax. This is in addition to five programs already receiving multi-year funding. These programs will support some of our community’s most marginalized residents, in neighbourhoods across the municipality. By committing to funding these programs for three years, we will provide the charitable sector with some much-needed stability and reliable sources of funding.

Additional Investments

This most recent investment in multi-year funding is one of the many ways we invest in community. We have have distributed grants to community kitchens. We are a funder of 211 Nova Scotia. Through the Invisible Champion Awards, we provide bursaries to employees in the nonprofit sector. We help businesses make in-kind donations of their time and expertise, and we lead and invest in several projects designed to make our communities stronger today and in the future.

Of course, there is always still more we can do. Like many other sectors, the charitable sector is experiencing increases in operating costs. The COVID-19 pandemic, global unrest, economic inflation, and the housing crisis have put additional strain on a sector that is often under-resourced. But the impact of the generosity of donors is worthy of celebration. The multi-year program funding we provide is only possible because of donations to our Community Fund. Thanks to your trust in us, United Way is able to invest in priority needs using our knowledge of community. Thanks to your incredible generosity, people will be able to navigate challenges in their life. They’ll find the safe shelter, mental health support, food resources, connection and skills building they need to move from poverty to possibility. They’ll access peer support, overcome barriers to employment and gain vital insights from elders.

Additional Roles in Community

In addition to funding these life-changing programs, donations to our community fund help us advocate for change, and partner and convene with others to create long-term solutions. We’re feeling optimistic about the future of our organization, and the work we’ve been a part of. We’re looking forward to sharing more of our work, acting as a social advisor to business and government, and investing in more poverty solutions. Together, we’re working towards a community that is vibrant, progressive and more equitable. Thanks for being part of this journey.