Who We Are

The history of United Way Halifax is rooted in the Halifax Explosion – an event that devastated the city in 1917. From this tragic event, the citizens of Halifax responded with a strong sense of compassion to help one another, and resiliency to rebuild their community. Community leaders in the city also began the work of creating a community chest fund which marks the beginnings of United Way’s Community Fund.

The purpose of the community chest was to conduct a single community campaign to raise money for local agencies meeting needs on the ground. But as the needs of our community have changed over the years, so has United Way Halifax. Today we work to improve lives and build community by engaging donors, residents and partners to work together on key issues affecting our city. We want Halifax to be free of poverty, so that people can live their best lives.

United Way Halifax is part of a larger movement across Canada and the globe. Today, there are over 100 United Way Centraides across Canada. Each one operates separately and has its own volunteer-led local Board of Directors. Each United Way Centraide raises money and allocates funds locally to support its community. To learn more about the national movement or find information on other United Way/Centraide locations, visit United Way Canada.