Helen Cooper Award

The Helen Cooper Award is presented annually to recognize a volunteer for exceptional and long term commitment and dedication to United Way Halifax. This commitment is demonstrated by the leadership role the individual has taken as a member of a committee and/or the board of directors. Service and contribution to United Way Halifax is a significant criteria.

The award is named in honour of Helen Cooper, an active fundraiser and board member for this United Way in the 1950s. She was a social worker earlier in her life and was appointed to represent the Maritime School of Social Work on the board of United Way. She matched her passion for this community with an exceptional ability to ignite in others that same sense of purpose and responsibility.

2017 - Kevin Stoddart
2016 - Dr. Margaret Casey
2015 - Chris Bryant
2014 - Peter Doig
2013 - Earle Hickey
2012 - Rod A. McCulloch
2011 – Terry Norman
2010 – Mary Martin
2009 – Master Seaman Pierre Desmeules-Alain
2008 – Patricia McDermott
2007 – Doug Hall and Marilyn Welland
2006 – David Wilson
2005 – Charlotte Cochran
2004 – Alan Shaw
2003 – Steve Parker
2002 – Murray Coolican
2001 – Darrel Pink
2000 – Gwen Haliburton